Green Management & Leadership Award


Learning from the best “green” companies

Learning from the best “green” companies

How can companies comprehensively reflect the sustainability of their company and better position their business in the market? With the help of the scientific comparative SDG-ESG benchmarking!

The benchmarking project „GreenMLA® Green Management & Leadership Award” is designed for companies that wish to evaluate the sustainability of their products, services and processes in an anonymous comparison.

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The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and ESG criteria for environmental factors (Environment), social aspects (Social) and corporate governance show how sustainable a company is. Our questionnaire contains all SDG-ESG-aspects, you have to consider.


ESG criteria for environmental factors (Environment), social aspects (Social) and corporate governance show how sustainable a company is.


The Green Management & Leadership Award supports companies in positioning themselves in the corporate ranking as a green company.


Customers are increasingly taking SDGs and ESG criteria into account in their purchasing decisions. They want to know what kind of companies they are doing business with.


SDGs and ESG criteria are increasingly important decision-making factors for investors to evaluate companies in terms of sustainability-related opportunities and risks.


Award ceremony takes place at the DigiSustain with more than 100 economic and political decision makers in Frankfurt.

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Basis for measuring the sustainability is a questionnaire in which key performance indicators for the SDG and ESG criteria are asked according to the IMLead® concept of Integrated Management & Leadership. Environmental factors (Environment), social aspects (Social) and good corporate governance (Governance) are referred to as ESG criteria and reflect standards for sustainable business activity. GreenMLA® benchmarking integrates these sustainability aspects into a holistic concept for sustainable corporate governance and shows individual performance in comparison to other organisations. These results are showing the potentials for the further development of the company.

All companies with their headquarters in Germany, Austria or Switzerland can participate.


For participation in the GreenMLA® Green Management & Leadership Award we charge no processing fee. Every participant receives the confirmation of participation with signet and an individualised evaluation report that shows the current implementation status and identifies potential for further development.

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Modern data visualization and questionnaire analysis

Benchmarking has proven to be one of the most powerful tools companies can use to change their practices, improve their results, and demonstrate sustainability.

How it works

Complete benchmark service

Data is obtained through the analysis, evaluation and implementation of measures based on examples of good practice, enabling our customers to achieve more efficient processes and ultimately higher levels of performance. Practical benchmarking can lead to realistic target-setting processes across a wide range of performance indicators, promoting a more efficient environment.

Initiators and Developers

Export-Akademie Baden-Württemberg and Steinbeis Global Institute Tübingen have launched a partnership to support companies around the world through the exchange of ideas, research and best practices. The GreenMLA Benchmark provides companies and enterprises with regional and international benchmarks for strategic planning and development.

The service includes benchmark guide research for companies and businesses, along with full analysis and unlimited research reports.

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What people say about us

We take this award as a base for jumping the next step, we want to be better.

Peter Wiedemann (CTO, Rational AG)

We found it very exciting to see what sustainability means for a company and what impact it can have in a wide range of disciplines. That was the reason why we took part, to see where we stand and to have the report, what comes out as a result. Where is there potential on our side, where do we have to become active.

Manfred Zöllner (co-founder and managing director Quimron GmbH)

We applied for the award to prove to the employees that we are on the right way.

Johannes Schwörer (managing director SchwörerHaus KG)
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Meet some of the most sustainable companies from our recent benchmarkings!

#1 Rational AG

Rational AG, headquartered in Landsberg am Lech, Germany, is a manufacturer and service provider of cooking systems for thermal food preparation.

#1 SchwörerHaus KG

SchwörerHaus KG is a prefabricated house manufacturer from Hohenstein-Oberstetten, Germany.

#3 Quimron GmbH

Quimron GmbH is a software company based in Stuttgart, Germany, with a focus on digital platform realization, customer-centric app development, AI, augmented reality, cloud services, big data and blockchain.

Initiators and Developers

The Export-Akademie Baden-Württemberg provides specific international management training, while the Steinbeis Global Institute Tübingen implements academic programs. Together, the two organisations have more than thirty years experience in the field of academic training.

For more than 35 years, Export-Akademie Baden-Württemberg has been supporting companies and organizations in raising their innovation potential and successfully positioning themselves in the market. The IMLead® concept of Integrated Management & Leadership management developed by the Export-Akademie forms the framework for the consulting and training programs. This concept brings together the different perspectives of technology, digitization processes, competence development and sustainable management & leadership.

Since 1998 Steinbeis University links theory and practice and advances education and further education as a fundamental service in all-embracing knowledge and technology transfer. Global education with integration of real-life projects at the interface of technology and management is the unique feature of this institute. From the campus in Tübingen, research and educational programs are conducted all over the world.


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